Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future


Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future

25 OCT 2019

RMCG have been pleased to assist the Barwon River Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to develop their 'Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future'. The Discussion Paper has be...

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“Connected Murray” Discussion paper

21 OCT 2019

There is considerable concern around a number of issues confronting the Southern Murray Darling Basin. This has led to a large number of independent reviews and actions across the Murray Darling Basi...

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Helping to navigate PFAS in biosolids

08 OCT 2019

Per- and poly- fluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances are a growing concern for biosolids management. A client recently sought our advice to help them manage an historic stockpile of biosolid-type material whi...

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Supporting sustainable recycled water use with Wannon Water

14 OCT 2019

RMCG has been working with Wannon Water to update their recycled water management plans. Wannon Water has a diverse range of recycled water customers across its large region in south-western Victoria....

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Supporting mentoring in the Victorian waterway industry

28 JUL 2019

Senior Waterway Consultant, Trent Wallis, worked alongside Jenny Emery, Open Space Planner at Warrnambool City Council in the 2018 Waterway Management Twinning Program. The mentoring program connects ...

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A notable innovation: Water Efficiency Improvement in Drought Affected Provinces (WEIDAP) Project

23 JAN 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) held the 2018 Asia Water Forum in Manilla, Philippines in early October. The event provided the opportunity for over 800 participants to share their water security kno...

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RMCG supports innovative compliance

20 MAR 2018

Licensing of environmental standards can drive expensive infrastructure solutions if you want to achieve high levels of compliance. An alternative cost-effective approach may be to source an equivalen...

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Domestic wastewater management in North East Victoria

27 MAR 2018

Municipalities across Victoria have responsibilities regarding onsite wastewater systems, often referred to as septic tanks, for houses not connected to reticulated sewerage. Regulations require Counc...

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A tender for improving water quality – what’s left to learn from using tenders?

18 JAN 2017

Tenders have been used in a variety of environment grants programs, including some waterway health projects. While reflections on these experiences have been mixed, there is little information in the ...

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Retaining flexibility in a time of change and variability

16 JAN 2017

Accurate water balance modelling underpins all successful recycled water schemes. Typically, a standard period of historic rainfall and evaporation data has been used to model the scheme requirements....

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