21 Oct 2019

“Connected Murray” Discussion paper

There is considerable concern around a number of issues confronting the Southern Murray Darling Basin. This has led to a large number of independent reviews and actions across the Murray Darling Basin region.

It is generally assumed that the Southern Connected system effectively acts as an interdependent system. While there is a relatively small amount of water traded between the states and systems, there is sufficient at the margins for the system to be acting as one. However, it is becoming more apparent that the Murrumbidgee component is operating physically separately to what is now being understood as the “connected Murray system” i.e. Murray/Goulburn in Vic, NSW and SA collectively. This paper concentrates on the connected Murray system though recognising the interdependence with the Lower Darling and Murrumbidgee systems.

This paper raises a wide range of issues that RMCG have identified that should be considered by policy makers and other agencies in the reviews currently underway. It does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather just simply raise a number of issues that should be considered.

Click here to view the Connected Murray discussion paper.