Our rigorous policies and processes mean you're in safe hands.

Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015)

RMCG is a service-focused consultancy that aims to provide the highest possible standard of advice to its clients. To achieve this, we have developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that guarantees rigorous and consistent processes are followed in the delivery of projects.

RMCG’s Quality Policy underpins what we do as a business. We recognise that our good reputation and success depends on the quality of the service we deliver. It is important for us to be respected by our clients for the quality of work and services, for the value for money we give, and for our attitude and behaviour towards them (and this relies on the quality of our people).

“The continuing strengths of RMCG are their committed and experienced team, client focus, employee satisfaction due to the RMCG culture and excellent communication both internally and externally.”

Krishnan Sankara, Sustainable Certification Auditor

ISO 9001-2008_COL


Work Health and Safety

RMCG is firmly committed to developing, implementing and observing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, sub-consultants, contractors, visitors and the public and to continually improve the systems, practices and appropriate resources to achieve this. A safe and healthy work environment is achieved through the co-operation and compliance of every staff member through business procedures and work standards, which have been developed through a participatory approach.

RMCG’s WHS Policy and Management Plan adheres to both State and Commonwealth legislation and regulations.

RMCG will respect your privacy

RMCG is committed to providing quality services to its clients and our Privacy Policy outlines our ongoing obligations in respect of how we manage personal information. We will treat all confidential information we hold with respect and appropriate care and security.

RMCG’s commitment to sustainability

RMCG aims to minimise the impact of its own activities on the environment and to work with others to improve their sustainability. Our Environmental Management Plan has been developed in order to help achieve this objective. It identifies the impact RMCG has on the environment, sets environmental performance objectives, and outlines the requirements to meet those objectives.