RMCG’s team of trained economists specialises in applying financial and economic analysis to complex challenges in water, biodiversity, natural resource management, waste management, regional development and agriculture.


Our team applies exacting standards of rigor and impartiality to our economic and policy analysis, and have postgraduate and graduate training in applied economics. We routinely submit business cases to Departments of Treasury and Finance at state and commonwealth levels, and contribute to pricing submissions to economic regulators including the Essential Services Commission.

Grounded and multidisciplinary

We are not just theoretical economists; we have a profound understanding of the complex reality of issues in water, environment, agriculture and natural resource management. Our team has deep expertise in these areas, as well as in waste and regional development. We also draw from our colleagues in horticulture and agriculture, science and engineering to ensure that we provide holistic advice, and apply economic principles to markets about which we are deeply well informed.

Economics Services

  • Regulation and pricing

  • Socio-economic and regional impact assessment   View 

  • Design and review of market-based instruments   View 

  • Benchmarking   View 

  • Cost benefit analysis and business case development   View 

  • Circular economy

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Economics Team

Tristan Wardley

Tristan Wardley

Senior Consultant

B.Ag.Sci. (Hons)

Tristan is an experienced economics consultant at RMCG. He has worked across the agriculture and horticulture industries and has experience in natural resource management. Tristan is experienced in business and financial planning and decision analysis.

He has a thorough understanding of business structural change, specialising in micro-economic investment and production decisions, with a particular interest and skill set in risk analysis. His experience within the agricultural industry through private and public forums has given him the opportunity to contribute to progressive agricultural research.

Tristan has a developed commercial, operational and strategic skill set, and a deep understanding of sustainable and profitable business models.  He has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and understands the range of factors influencing a business owner’s needs, risks and aspirations.


Jencie McRobert

Jencie McRobert


B.Sci., Grad.Dip.Eco., Assoc.App.Sci.

Jencie understands the science and economics of natural resource management and has grounded and practical experience in soils, mixed farming and viticulture. She has highly developed skills in evaluation of agricultural and natural resource management programs, business case writing, greenhouse emissions analysis and sustainable resource use, and catchment management.  Jencie knows and appreciates the issues affecting communities in rural and regional Australia.

Adrian Kennelly

Adrian Kennelly


B.Ag.Sci. (Hons), M.Ag.Sci., CPAg.

Adrian has more than 30 years’ experience in agricultural business and natural resource management research, policy, education and extension. He is a specialist farm business management adviser, who consults to medium to large-scale private farmers, agribusiness investors, agricultural industry groups and government agencies.

Adrian has specific skills and experience in strategic planning, business analysis, impact and loss assessment, facilitation, and training and education in rural Australia.  Adrian chairs the advisory boards of a number of family farming operations in south-eastern Australia and has undertaken due diligence exercises for several domestic and international investors.

In addition to this, his most recent industry project work includes the development of an Investment Attraction Program for Rural Councils Victoria, an agricultural impact assessment of the Western Highway bypass of Ararat and the development of a business planning program (Our farm, our plan) for the Australian dairy industry.

Rob Rendell

Rob Rendell

Senior Fellow

B.Eng. (Ag), CPAg., GAICD

Rob has more than 40 years’ experience in irrigation, groundwater drainage, salinity management, project management, extension, reclaimed water re-use, practical irrigation farming and farm management, agricultural industry benchmarking and sustainability indicators.  Rob’s wide range of experience from the practical to the technical/managerial and also to strategy and policy, gives him ability to contribute at many levels. He is recognised as a leader in the water and irrigated agriculture sector.

Nick Beresnev

Nick Beresnev


B.A., B.Comm., M.Env.Sci. & Policy

Nick has over 15 years’ experience in Australia and internationally as an economist, project manager and policy advisor, with a focus on natural resource management, climate change, agriculture, forestry, energy, water and international trade.

He has expertise in project- and industry-level economic analysis in a range of sectors as well as extensive experience in project design (including monitoring frameworks, work plans and budgets), primary and secondary research (including survey design and community consultation) and stakeholder management at a government and private sector level.

Nick has excellent communication skills, covering technical publications, monitoring reports and policy briefs.

Case Studies

Modelling the social and economic value of river flows in Geelong

08 SEP 2022

The Barwon River in Victoria is one of Geelong’s most significant natural assets. However, it has been experiencing declining flows due to the impacts of climate change and growing regional demand. ...

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High-tech horticulture in Australia: What could it look like?

08 FEB 2022

In 2021, RMCG's team of horticulture experts and economists worked with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and global urban agriculture consultancy Agritecture to investigate effective urban f...

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Developing irrigated agriculture in southern Victoria

03 NOV 2021

A willingness to invest in agriculture is currently strong in Victoria's central Gippsland region, given high demand for quality food supply, low interest rates, good access to markets and the natural...

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