28 Jul 2019

Supporting mentoring in the Victorian waterway industry

Senior Waterway Consultant, Trent Wallis, worked alongside Jenny Emery, Open Space Planner at Warrnambool City Council in the 2018 Waterway Management Twinning Program. The mentoring program connects professionals in the waterway industry, aimed at improving outcomes for waterway management. The program also provides the opportunity to network, develop relationships, share ideas and work on projects that combine skills and expertise.

Trent and Jenny worked on the development of the Merri River Open Space Plan, aimed at recognising the open space values of the Merri River in Warrnambool through a corridor of connected and restored parklands. The mentoring partnership involved a series of workshops and on-site tours of the Merri and Barwon Rivers to explore and share insights on waterway management within an urban context.

The broader program has been a great success, providing waterway professionals the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, as well as broaden and strengthen networks.

The Waterway Management Twinning ProgramĀ is a partnership managed by the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (CMA) and the Australian River Restoration Centre. The inaugural Waterway Management Twinning Program was funded through the International Riverfoundation National Prize money awarded to the Glenelg Hopkins CMA in 2013. The ongoing Program is funded by the Victorian Government to improve the health of waterways and catchments in Victoria. The River Basin Management Society also supports the program.

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