Resilience: It’s not a fad


Resilience seems to be having a day in the sun, but don’t be deceived – it is a concept with deep roots and, used effectively, can create powerful change. RMCG Principals Claire Flanagan-Smith and Shayne Annett explain more.

Resilience: It’s not a fad

28 JAN 2021

Resilience – growing in use The concept of resilience has become widely adopted over recent years. It is being used by a broad spectrum of public and private sector organisations to shape strategy ...

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Water update on the Southern Connected Basin

04 AUG 2020

The paper is based on the recognition that a new equilibrium has become established between the diverse mix of irrigated sectors that have varying requirements regarding the security of their water ...

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Design report: Bringing a modernised pressurised irrigation supply system to Vietnam

06 JUL 2020

Vietnam suffered a severe drought from 2014-16 where water shortages resulted in substantial crop losses for high value horticulture crops. In response, Vietnam developed a project, known as Water ...

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A circular economy for organics in Victoria

30 JUN 2020

When talking about a circular organic economy, waste management and agriculture – two industries that traditionally have been separated – must address the need for collaboration. The waste indust...

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New guide published on water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture

21 MAY 2020

This guide explores the Australian Water Use Efficiency (WUE) journey and provides practical examples of how Australia has improved its WUE. It aims to provide some insights for other countries who ar...

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RMCG irrigation expert shares knowledge in Vietnam

27 APR 2020

Since 2016, Australia and Vietnam have worked together to share knowledge and practical examples of how modern irrigation systems can be used in high-value agriculture crops. This collaboration was...

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Let RMCG guide you through EPA approvals

25 FEB 2020

An EPA approval or licence may be required if your business is planning to undertake activities which risk causing harm to the environment or human health. The purpose of these authorisations is to: ...

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The nominations are in!

11 NOV 2019

  The RBMS Awards Night 2019 is an integral part of the river and catchment management industry, attracting award nominations and attendance from hundreds of industry professionals. As a pro...

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Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future

25 OCT 2019

RMCG have been pleased to assist the Barwon River Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to develop their 'Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future'. The Discussion Paper has be...

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“Connected Murray” Discussion paper

21 OCT 2019

There is considerable concern around a number of issues confronting the Southern Murray Darling Basin. This has led to a large number of independent reviews and actions across the Murray Darling Basi...

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