25 Feb 2020

Let RMCG guide you through EPA approvals

An EPA approval or licence may be required if your business is planning to undertake activities which risk causing harm to the environment or human health. The purpose of these authorisations is to:

  • Have industry critically assess their environmental risks and put risk mitigation measures in place
  • Give the regulator confidence that a facility will be constructed and managed to protect the environment and human health
  • Ensure that businesses comply with their legal obligations.

The approvals or licensing processes can appear overwhelming to those not familiar with them. This includes small businesses wishing to increase their production, industries looking to diversify their production, and developments installing new technology which is not clearly identified in existing guidance documents.

In addition, each state has its own regulator and approval process. For example:

  • EPA Victoria has a works approval system and activity-specific licences
  • EPA NSW uses licences for scheduled premises
  • EPA Tasmania issues project specific guidelines based on an environmental effects report or environmental impact statement.

At RMCG we have a team of experts in environmental management who can guide you through these processes. We take the time to help you understand the regulatory process and your obligations. We will identify your environmental risks and provide advice on how these risks can be managed. We can prepare your documentation, liaise with the EPA and manage the approval process. In addition, our engagement specialists can assist you with community consultation.

If you need help with EPA approvals, please contact Duncan Wallis or Hilary Hall on 03 5441 4821.


EPA Work Approval Application