14 Oct 2019

Supporting sustainable recycled water use with Wannon Water

RMCG has been working with Wannon Water to update their recycled water management plans. Wannon Water has a diverse range of recycled water customers across its large region in south-western Victoria. Many of their existing environmental improvement plans (EIPs) were not consistent and needed updating. They wanted to find the best solution to maximise business efficiency, provide quality information and deliver better value for their recycled water customers.

Hilary Hall, Anna Kelliher and Anna Cutler of RMCG worked with the utility to refresh their EIPs for a number of sites, providing uniform and detailed information which reflects current guidance on environment and human health protection. The new EIPs also include cultural heritage details, which are important in an area of Victoria that is so rich in indigenous history.

To find out more about recycled water management, please contact us on 03 5441 4821.

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