Design report: Bringing a modernised pressurised irrigation supply system to Vietnam


RMCG Senior Fellow Rob Rendell has worked with a team of Australian irrigation experts to develop a design report on the potential to introduce a modernised pressurised irrigation supply system to high value horticulture in Vietnam.

Design report: Bringing a modernised pressurised irrigation supply system to Vietnam

06 JUL 2020

Vietnam suffered a severe drought from 2014-16 where water shortages resulted in substantial crop losses for high value horticulture crops. In response, Vietnam developed a project, known as Water ...

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Analysing the economic contribution of Australia’s chicken meat industry

18 JUN 2020

Over the past decade, Australia’s chicken meat industry has grown consistently and rapidly in many locations across the country. This important rural industry contributes $7.9 billion and 58,000 job...

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New guide published on water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture

21 MAY 2020

This guide explores the Australian Water Use Efficiency (WUE) journey and provides practical examples of how Australia has improved its WUE. It aims to provide some insights for other countries who ar...

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RMCG: Supporting Regional Catchment Strategies

16 APR 2020

RMCG's experience in the development of Regional Catchment Strategies (RCSs) dates back to 1997, when Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) developed the first RCS. RMCG can help ensure the succe...

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Webinar delivery and training

30 MAR 2020

Webinars provide the opportunity to engage remotely with your target audience to continue to deliver your important services and projects. To find out more about how RMCG can help you transition your ...

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Effective engagement is possible without being face to face

18 MAR 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) will change the way we do our work, but as we still have important work to do, it can’t be allowed to stop our work. As a geographically spread business working with geographi...

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World’s first Regional Resilience Strategy

13 FEB 2020

Over this summer and the seasons preceding it, we've seen the impact of various factors on the ability of rural and regional communities and regions to plan for and cope with drought and bushfire. The...

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Chickens versus Lattes

06 DEC 2019

We know the chicken meat industry is changing as farms and factories massively upscale and corporatize.  It is moving from the urban fringes to more remote areas including Griffith and Tamworth.  Th...

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Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future

25 OCT 2019

RMCG have been pleased to assist the Barwon River Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to develop their 'Living Rivers of the Barwon: A Discussion Paper for the future'. The Discussion Paper has be...

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“Connected Murray” Discussion paper

21 OCT 2019

There is considerable concern around a number of issues confronting the Southern Murray Darling Basin. This has led to a large number of independent reviews and actions across the Murray Darling Basi...

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