13 Feb 2020

World’s first Regional Resilience Strategy

Client: Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Over this summer and the seasons preceding it, we’ve seen the impact of various factors on the ability of rural and regional communities and regions to plan for and cope with drought and bushfire. These disasters have exacerbated challenges associated with market, technological and demographic changes.

Leaders in the Goulburn Murray region have recognised that the world is changing rapidly, and the region will face many more changes and challenges in the coming decades. The Goulburn Murray resilience project is a timely effort to work together to help the region prepare for and cope with an unpredictable future in positive ways. Resilience is more than survival. Resilience is about thriving in the face of change.

The Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy is underway with ideas coming from across the region. Click here¬†for more information and stay tuned for the world’s first Regional Resilience Strategy in coming months.

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