Water for the environment (planning and management)

RMCG supports planning for the delivery of water for the environment

We do this through provision of a broad set of strategic planning, technical and engagement skills including data analysis and modelling, risk assessment, options analysis, consultation with stakeholders and the community, policy development, drafting of strategies, plans and watering proposals, and development of practical and effective monitoring programs.

We support our clients through the numerous decisions involved in developing and managing water projects for the environment, and help to clearly articulate and document the justification for these decisions to give confidence to investors, stakeholders and the community.


Trent Wallis

Trent Wallis


BSc, MEnvSt, GDipPD(EnvSt)

Trent has an extensive background in environmental planning and natural resource management, with particular expertise in waterway management and planning. This includes 21 years of public sector experience working for catchment management authorities and the state government.

Trent’s work focuses on strategic environmental policy, planning and evaluation, and supporting project teams with the delivery of long-term catchment health outcomes. He is also experienced in community and stakeholder management, and has a strong understanding of the importance of genuine engagement to ensure project buy-in and support. He has worked with, and led, integrated project teams, stakeholder and community project committees, forums and working groups, and technical expert groups.

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson

Senior Fellow

B.Sci. (Ag.) (Hons), CPAg.

Charles has 20 years consulting experience and over 25 years’ experience in farm business and natural resource management. This includes water quality, salinity, irrigation, drainage, horticulture, community consultation and extension. His special fields of competence technical resource assessment; extension and advisory services to horticulture and agriculture; nutrients and water quality; and benchmarking horticultural enterprise management.