Climate change adaptation

Adapting to the effects of climate change is a key concern for many properties and businesses. We provide a range of services in this space, including property greenhouse audits.

  • Property greenhouse audits: There is increasing interest in the contribution of farm businesses to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with some farmers wanting information on the amount of GHG their farming activities are responsible for, and means to reduce or offset those emissions. RMCG Tasmania has completed a number of GHG audits for farms in the Tamar Valley for Tamar NRM, using several GHG calculators. We now have the skills to undertake GHG audits on farms with various enterprises elsewhere in the state.


Project example: Climate change adaptation fact sheets

RMCG Tasmania developed 16 fact sheets about climate change adaptations in regard to beef and sheep production, berries, canola, cereals, dairy, horticulture, legumes, nuts, olives, pome, poppies, potato, pyrethrum, stone fruit, vegetables, and viticulture based on literature reviews and industry experience. The fact sheets can be accessed through the Cradle Coast Authority website.


Samantha Gadsby

Samantha Gadsby

Senior Consultant

BSc, M Env Man.

Samantha specialises in water resources and delivers services in natural values and development approvals. Samantha’s main work at the moment is delivering a dam safety audit project for Taswater.

Dr Doris Blaesing

Dr Doris Blaesing


Dipl.Ing.Agr., Dr.rer.hort.

Doris has extensive experience in agricultural business development, resource management and R&D. She has a good understanding of agricultural production systems and supply chains. Her strengths are strategy and concept development, innovative thinking, problem solving, multi-disciplinary project management and communication on all levels with a broad range of people. Doris worked in public and private research, education, export and agribusinesses.

Donna Lucas

Donna Lucas


B.App.Sci. (Hons)

Donna is an agricultural consultant with experience in business management, research and extension. She is adaptable with an ability to contribute to projects at a strategic level.
Donna has specialist knowledge in workforce development and planning, resource recovery, carbon farming, greenhouse gas/carbon accounting and project evaluation. Her strengths include driving execution, building connections and problem solving.

Morag Anderson

Morag Anderson


BSc (Hons), Dip.Proj.Mgmnt

Morag is an experienced project manager, with a great ability to synthesise technical information and communicate it to a wide audience.  She has a great understanding of regulatory processes. She also brings critical thinking and an awareness of individual differences and needs to projects.  She has a science background with a broad understanding of environmental disciplines.