Natural values assessments

RMCG Tasmania undertake surveys for flora, fauna, and vegetation. We use a risk based approach and aim to achieve positive outcomes for the client.

The services we provide in natural values assessments can be associated with other services and contributes to a one-stop-shop approach to additional assessment requirements for development applications, bushfire hazard management and dam assessments.

Assessment standards are designed to be appropriate for the scale and legislative requirements. This can include desktop, Local Government Planning Scheme, State or Commonwealth standards or specific Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) requirements. Additional services include:

  • Conservation management plans: For areas to be managed for conservation. Plans can be designed to meet the requirements of State, Commonwealth and/or client specifications
  • Rehabilitation plans: Rehabilitation and restoration plans post works to address potential erosion, weed control, and biosecurity issues and maximise the potential for habitat restoration
  • Negotiation offsets: RMCG Tasmania have assessed and advised on areas which can be offered as offsets where impacts on natural values exceed thresholds (e.g. clearance for dams).

Project example: Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails

As part of the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails development linking Railton, Sheffield and Latrobe, RMCG Tasmania was engaged to conduct a flora and fauna assessment of over 50km of proposed trails.

We identified threatened flora, fauna and vegetation communities along the proposed tracks and provided mitigation measures to minimise any impact on threatened species.


Astrid Ketelaar

Astrid Ketelaar


B. Land Man.

Astrid has been a natural resource management service provider since 1999, specialising in irrigation water resources and land use planning, and oversees all the services the Launceston team provides. Astrid has a background as a Technical Forester and over 25 years’ experience in land and water resources management.

Sally Scrivens

Sally Scrivens


BSc (Hons)

Sally has a background in ecology with extensive field experience. She specialises in natural values assessments and has experience in water resources and land use planning.

Samantha Gadsby

Samantha Gadsby

Senior Consultant

BSc, M Env Man.

Samantha specialises in water resources and delivers services in natural values and development approvals. Samantha’s main work at the moment is delivering a dam safety audit project for Taswater.