Carbon and emissions for livestock producers: Where to start?


Estimating emissions and developing plans for carbon management and emissions reduction is relevant for all farm businesses.

Carbon and emissions for livestock producers: Where to start?

11 AUG 2023

In recent years, animal agriculture has come under increasing scrutiny for its contribution to global warming. Social licence for agriculture continues to change, politically and commercially. Food c...

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Media release: National roadmap launched to guide waste management in ag, fisheries and forestry

22 MAY 2023

Developed by RM Consulting Group (RMCG) – a multi-disciplinary consultancy specialising in environment, agriculture and communities – the National Waste and Resource Recovery Roadmap is one initia...

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The Protected Cropping Podcast: Talking sustainability with Carl Larsen

17 MAY 2023

Carl, a socio-environmental scientist, shared his insights from working with the vegetable industry in agricultural extension and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of large-scale industry investment...

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International Women’s Day profile: Hilary Hall

07 MAR 2023

In 2002 as a graduate of chemical engineering, Hilary quickly pivoted from pursuing a career in food processing after a fortuitous opportunity to work in the Victorian water industry. As part of a w...

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Thinking about farming ‘that carbon’? Here’s what you need to know

22 JAN 2023

Looking at the season ahead, it seems like carbon is the new ‘in’ crop. Many in the agriculture industry are talking about putting a couple of trial blocks in, to see if they can sequester a tonne...

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National Water Week: Natasha Frazer’s water story

19 OCT 2022

As a graduate of chemical engineering at the University of Melbourne, Natasha was keen to follow her interests in water, the environment and agriculture. A chance ‘COVID lockdown’ project to help ...

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Walking Together: When a government body truly partners with Traditional Owners

10 OCT 2022

In the spirit of reconciliation and partnership, staff gathered to strengthen the significant institutional relationship between Dja Dja Wurrung Group and the CMA by considering partnership opportu...

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Making waves in environmental projects for Geelong and the Surf Coast

21 JUL 2022

Hosted by our Torquay-based team, the day was an opportunity to learn from our colleagues who are working on projects in Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast and, of course, make the most of a fa...

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Achieving meaningful engagement with Traditional Owners

07 JUL 2022

Jamie became actively involved in the research and management of cultural heritage projects for Traditional Owners while working as a field archaeologist in the United Kingdom as well as Tasmania, Far...

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RMCG talks all things extension at APEN conference

08 FEB 2022

The Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN) Conference will return from 9-11 February 2022. While we were looking forward to attending the event in Melbourne to learn from local and international...

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