17 May 2023

The Protected Cropping Podcast: Talking sustainability with Carl Larsen

RMCG Associate Carl Larsen joined The Protected Cropping Podcast host Sam Turner to discuss sustainability in Australia's protected cropping industry and the wider horticulture and agriculture sector.

Carl, a socio-environmental scientist, shared his insights from working with the vegetable industry in agricultural extension and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of large-scale industry investments such as the Vegetable Industry Extension Network (VegNET).

He also provided an update on a national agricultural plastics stewardship program with a focus on how it will affect protected cropping growers.

Click here to listen to the 30-min podcast.

RMCG experts to present at Protected Cropping Australia Conference

Carl will share more on the insights, lessons learnt and next steps for the agricultural plastics stewardship program at the Protected Cropping Australia Conference from 17-20 July in Brisbane.

RMCG Associate Kristen Stirling will also present at the conference on the opportunities for intensive horticulture in urban Australia while RMCG Consultant Jake Gaudion will discuss a recent project relating to root zone and substrate innovation.