Thinking about farming ‘that carbon’? Here’s what you need to know


RMCG’s agriculture and horticulture experts step through what you need to know about carbon farming and the four things you should consider right now.

Thinking about farming ‘that carbon’? Here’s what you need to know

22 JAN 2023

Looking at the season ahead, it seems like carbon is the new ‘in’ crop. Many in the agriculture industry are talking about putting a couple of trial blocks in, to see if they can sequester a tonne...

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National Agriculture Day profile: Dan Armstrong

17 NOV 2022

Fresh out of university, Dan joined the Victorian Department of Agriculture where he worked on farm systems and farm business analysis in the dairy industry for 14 years, initially in Kyabram in north...

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Resilience: It’s not a fad

28 JAN 2021

Resilience – growing in use The concept of resilience has become widely adopted over recent years. It is being used by a broad spectrum of public and private sector organisations to shape strategy ...

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An urban home for high tech horticulture in Australia

12 JAN 2021

Vertical farms, aquaponics, floating farms – these are just some of the many possibilities of high technology horticulture in urban areas across the globe. But are they feasible for Australian gro...

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Analysing the economic contribution of Australia’s chicken meat industry

18 JUN 2020

Over the past decade, Australia’s chicken meat industry has grown consistently and rapidly in many locations across the country. This important rural industry contributes $7.9 billion and 58,000 job...

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Chickens versus Lattes

06 DEC 2019

We know the chicken meat industry is changing as farms and factories massively upscale and corporatize.  It is moving from the urban fringes to more remote areas including Griffith and Tamworth.  Th...

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RMCG joins the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

21 SEP 2017

RMCG is pleased to be joining the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities as an SME Associate Partner.  This new association reflects our work over several years in Integrated Water Management across Australi...

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The feasibility of biogas on Australian vegetable farms

13 JAN 2017

There is significant interest within the vegetable industry in maximising efficiency and productivity across the production process, including maximising value from waste streams. Biogas is methane...

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Fishermans Bend Business Case

11 DEC 2016

RMCG is pleased to be assisting South East Water develop a business case for the water servicing component of the Fishermans Bend redevelopment in Melbourne. Fishermans Bend is the largest urban redev...

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Stringybark Catchment Water Quality Tender shortlisted for industry award

07 DEC 2016

RMCG was proud to be be a finalist for the University of Melbourne award for Building Knowledge in Waterway Management at the River Basin Management Society Awards Night, in conjunction with project p...

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