Planning for a variable climate

National Landcare Programme, 2016

RMCG and Cradle Coast NRM delivered Property Management Planning (PMP) with beef producers on King Island, Tasmania. Ten beef production businesses participated to assist with the sustainable management of their natural assets.

An initial site visit was completed with each business to collect production data as well as soil and pasture samples for analysis.  RMCG BizCheck Business Benchmarking was also offered to the group, which combined with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) calculations highlighted opportunities for fine-tuning business efficiency and profitability.

The program used a group learning model to provide an environment where producers could discuss their results and learn from their peers.  A workshop with the group was held to reflect on findings, and to support the development of action plans for each business.

Key messages from the programme were:

  • Group learning in Property Management Planning programs provides opportunities for topic and benchmarking discussion
  • Undertaking both financial and GHG emissions calculations highlights the relationship between farm efficiency and profitability
  • Utilising farm physical data including soil and pasture tests provides objective measurements to encourage prioritisation and planning.

To find out more about the project, view the fact sheet here.



Dr Doris Blaesing

Dr Doris Blaesing


Dipl.Ing.Agr., Dr.rer.hort.

Doris has extensive experience in agricultural business development, resource management and R&D. She has a good understanding of agricultural production systems and supply chains. Her strengths are strategy and concept development, innovative thinking, problem solving, multi-disciplinary project management and communication on all levels with a broad range of people. Doris worked in public and private research, education, export and agribusinesses.

Donna Lucas

Donna Lucas


B.App.Sci. (Hons)

Donna is an agricultural consultant with experience in business management, research and extension. She is adaptable with an ability to contribute to projects at a strategic level.
Donna has specialist knowledge in workforce development and planning, resource recovery, carbon farming, greenhouse gas/carbon accounting and project evaluation. Her strengths include driving execution, building connections and problem solving.

Rob Rendell

Rob Rendell

Senior Fellow

B.Eng. (Ag), CPAg., GAICD

Rob has more than 40 years’ experience in irrigation, groundwater drainage, salinity management, project management, extension, reclaimed water re-use, practical irrigation farming and farm management, agricultural industry benchmarking and sustainability indicators.  Rob’s wide range of experience from the practical to the technical/managerial and also to strategy and policy, gives him ability to contribute at many levels. He is recognised as a leader in the water and irrigated agriculture sector.