25 Jun 2017

Vineyard management, strategic advice and operations

RMCG has experience in vineyard management, development and operations. One of our Senior Consultants was previously Technical Director for a $50m vineyard management and investment company with direct responsibility and experience in:

  • Greenfield vineyard development including property procurement, vineyard design and planting for operational efficiency
  • Ongoing operational management of the sites
  • Developing a bulk wine business adjunct where high-quality parcels of wine were made and sold to the major wine companies
  • Benchmarking grape and wine quality across 42 vineyard sites in Victoria and NSW, including small lot winemaking.

This experience and understanding of viticulture and winemaking economics provides a unique set of skills for the wine industry.

Currently, we are providing strategic advice and technical advice to vineyards in the Geelong region and Central Victoria.