08 Dec 2016

TasForage currently seeks Tasmanian producers tackling this winter with a forage crop

Are you growing forage crops for winter finishing on your farm in the coming season and want to have a closer look at how they are performing on your farm?

The TasForage project, has been developed to take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges of filling the winter feed gap with forage crops in Tasmania. The project will deliver case studies focussing on the production and economic benefits of the crops, as well as a series of fact sheets to assist with decision making.

Currently, we are able to help beef and sheep producers from across Tasmania to take a closer look at the fit of winter forage crops in finishing systems.

The project will run from October 2015 onwards, and we will provide a free analysis on the following:

  • The ‘fit’ of forage crops in production systems
  • Animal performance (weight gain, health issues, carcass)
  • Crop performance (feed quality, yield, disease and pests)
  • Benefits and challenges of forage options
  • Economic analysis of the options implemented.

Let us know if you want to take advantage of this.


To participate, producers will need to have access to scales to monitor weight gain
and be supplying into the pasture fed market.

Please register you interest through the following link:

For further enquiries, please contact Emma Egan at RMCG on or 0448 214 745.