11 Jun 2020

Tailored support for Victorian forestry businesses

RMCG is pleased to be selected as a Registered Service Provider for the Victorian Government's Forestry Business Transition Voucher Program, which aims to assist affected businesses to obtain support to plan for their future.

The Victorian forestry industry is currently managing a gradual transition away from native timber harvesting.

RMCG is pleased to be selected as a Registered Service Provider for the Forestry Business Transition Voucher (FBTV) program, which is part of the Victorian Government’s broader $120 million Victorian Forestry Plan Transition Package. The FBTV program will provide eligible businesses with support to better understand their business capabilities, options and strategies for transition.

Equipped with an understanding of agriculture and forestry, RMCG is available to undertake Business Diagnostic Plans and Business Transition Plans to suit the requirements of affected businesses.

Our team of senior consultants include Adrian Kennelly, George Warne and Will Henderson, who have more than 30 years’ experience of working with businesses. RMCG is experienced at helping businesses use their existing skills to find new markets and new supply chains, optimise revenue, save costs and increase profits. We work closely with clients throughout the process to help put their thoughts into action, and test ideas with rigorous financial analysis and discussions with potential customers and suppliers.

Our business plans will include clear actions in the areas of production, marketing and staffing. We will also provide a financial plan which includes targets on volume, revenue costs and profit.

For more information on the FBTV program and how to apply for support, click here.