Community-led problem solving

Communities across Australia are dynamic. As such, they are presented from time to time with challenges that threaten their social fabric, health, economy and/or amenity.

Community-led problem solving is the process of working with communities to achieve better solutions to local issues.

Our approach is based on the knowledge that communities, when properly supported and informed, can develop highly effective and well-supported solutions. Additionally, the community-led approach builds capacity to address future issues.

Our team is engaged by government to develop and deliver processes to understand and resolve significant issues that concern communities. We work closely with communities to analyse causes, collect and understand data and develop locally effective solutions. We are well regarded by stakeholders and communities for our transparent, insightful and respectful approach to supporting resolution of problems.


Claire Flanagan-Smith

Claire Flanagan-Smith


B.Env.Eng. (Hons)

Claire has more than a decade’s experience in strategic planning, facilitation and community engagement in a range of industries. Claire’s people and strategy skills are underpinned by a strong understanding of engineering and policy. She helps communities and organisations deal with complex issues, supporting insight and constructive strategy. Claire has delivered quality projects including investigations of community concerns related to mining, regional strategic planning, socio-economic impact studies and strategic planning for a wide range of organisations.

Simon McGuinness

Simon McGuinness



Simon specialises in strategic planning, critical thinking, evaluation and facilitation.  He works primarily in the natural resource management sector, and also has deep experience in rural and regional development. With expertise in mediation and conflict resolution, he has led numerous projects requiring skilful delivery of community and stakeholder engagement processes.