Domestic wastewater management

RMCG has prepared several domestic wastewater management plans for regional local governments across Victoria.

Each plan is tailored to the municipality in question and provides synthesis of a broad range of technical inputs into a practical plan for implementation.

Domestic wastewater management plans address the existing and potential risks to public health and the environment, priorities for future planning and servicing of unsewered towns, guidelines for minimum lot size based on land capability, and audit and enforcement actions to improve performance of existing systems.

RMCG provides a multidisciplinary team experienced in rural land use planning, land capability assessment, soil science, wastewater irrigation, sewerage planning, catchment management and stakeholder and community engagement.

We can facilitate consultation with community members and agency stakeholders about existing problems and potential solutions; undertake spatial risk analysis to enable efficient and intelligent assessment of broad geographic areas so resources can be targeted to the highest risks; and develop concept designs for alternative sewer schemes and stormwater treatment.


Duncan Wallis

Duncan Wallis


BEng (Ag), MEng (Env), CPEng.

Duncan is a Chartered Engineer with 25 years’ experience in environmental, irrigation, agricultural, drinking water, domestic wastewater, sewerage, trade waste, recycled water and catchment management engineering in the public and private sectors.

He specialises in water related infrastructure planning and investigations and uses skills and tools such as GIS mapping, spatial data analysis and network analysis to develop practical solutions to complex problems and uses the ‘power’ of spatial data analysis to convey information effectively.

He can communicate technical concepts in non-technical forums and has experience consulting and working with farmers and landholders, government departments and wider community on route planning for pipelines and shared trails including rail trails. He has recently prepared successful EPA works approval applications for major food processing companies and expert witness statements in agricultural settings.

Duncan is currently involved in Australian Water and Wastewater’s mentor program and reviews articles for their Water Journal. He previously helped run the Institute of Engineers’ EngQuest regional program for students.

Anna Kelliher

Anna Kelliher

Managing Principal

BA, BE (Hons), GAICD

Anna is an environmental engineer with 20 years’ experience in water and catchment management. She specialises in recycled water planning, irrigation modernisation, land capability assessment, environmental risk assessment and catchment condition reporting. Anna has experience working with industry, government, farmers and the community, and has developed sound teamwork, communication and project management skills.

Matt Shanahan

Matt Shanahan


B.Tech. (Env.)

Matt has been working in the water/irrigation industry for the past 15 years, having spent the last 12 years with RMCG consulting to a range of private and government clients.  Matt has worked extensively in the field of recycled water and organics management, having prepared master plans, land capability assessments, irrigation management plans and environmental management plans for a range of clients.  He is also experienced in the development of works approval applications and undertaking technical assessments involving the management of soils, nutrients and salinity/sodicity.