16 May 2018

Service providers for the Food Innovation initiative

Victorian State Government

As part of the Food Innovation initiative, the Victorian government is providing funding for growers and food processors with the aim of boosting innovation throughout the Victorian industry.

The Victorian State Government is investing AUD $14.5 million in new funding to support businesses to become more productive, employ more people, improve market access and increase their scale, diversity and profitability.

Businesses in the food value chain are a priority for this new initiative.

>From 29th January 2018, Victorian businesses in the agriculture and food sector can apply for one of four voucher streams, including Food Innovation Vouchers.

Four types of Food Innovation Vouchers are available:

Up to $10,000 for feasibility and testing (no cash contribution required by Applicant)
Up to $50,000* for process innovation
Up to $50,000* for product development
Up to $50,000* for research and development

* requires 50% co-contribution by the Applicant.

RMCG is an approved service provider for early stage feasibility and testing (activity 1. above). That is, for any new ideas that you may have (i.e. for improving a product or a process), RMCG is able to assist with testing and/or conducting feasibility analysis on the idea. Should the idea be feasible, businesses can then apply for additional funding under the other voucher activities listed (i.e. product development, R&D or process innovation.

Applications close on Friday 13th July. Once approved, the report must begin within 2 months of the recipient being notified and completed within 12 months

If you would like to find out the eligibility criteria please for the Food Innovation funding please visit this Business Victoria website,