24 Sep 2020

Roadmap to a resilient Goulburn Murray region

After many months of consultation, a brand new resilience strategy is available for the Goulburn Murray region in Victoria to prepare for the many challenges ahead in an uncertain future.

In the coming decades, agriculture and land management within Victoria’s Goulburn Murray region will face many major changes associated with climate change, water recovery for the environment, technological change, market access, biosecurity risks, energy challenges, changing competitiveness of the agricultural sectors and, of course, the effects of a global pandemic. As we cannot predict the precise nature of this change, a resilience approach is necessary to increase our capacity to not only cope, but thrive.

To prepare the region for an unpredictable future, RMCG were engaged by Goulburn Regional Partnership and worked with The Australian Resilience Centre and DG Consulting to develop the Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy. This framework will help the region to build its resilience collectively and ensure it can thrive in the face of change, rather than be forced to respond in an unwanted direction.

This evolving strategy uses key principles associated with resilience to create five streams of ‘interventions’, or ways to try to influence and increase resilience in the region. The interventions are community-supported and focus on deep transformation within the region to ensure it can respond positively to change.

So what does resilience look like in action? Read the Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy or contact our team of experts to find out how to make your organisation, community or region more resilient and ready for the future.

You can also watch a presentation of the strategy at the 2020 Future Thinking Forum for the Royal Society of Victoria here.

GM resilience strategy cover