24 May 2017

RMCG heads to Hort Connections

RMCG’s Horticulture team attended the inaugural Hort Connections conference in Adelaide last week.

The event started with the annual Horticulture Field Day, providing growers with an insight into the South Australian vegetable industry. The day included a visit to our Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection demonstration site at the Samwell family’s Eastbrook Vegetable Farms in Mt Barker, one of several sites across Australia. The visit highlighted the benefits of cover cropping in the businesses’ Brussel sprout operation, promoting a facilitated discussion among growers around the challenges and benefits.

At the Hort Connection’s Trade Show, our team continued to engage with industry and growers throughout the event, with the booth promoting current projects including Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection, the National Vegetable Extension Network (VegNET) in Victoria and Tasmania, as well as the education and training initiative VegPRO.

RMCG’s Carl Larsen and Donna Lucas presented on VegNET providing insights into project’s regional delivery findings in Victoria and Tasmania.

To find out more about our current projects within the horticulture industries, follow the links below: