27 Aug 2019

What happens after the research stops?

Ever wondered why some practices become common place and some are only used by a few? Even the best technology won’t be adopted unless people are provided with the right support and information to help them use it. Extension – the E in RD&E is a critical component of bringing about change and moving industries forward. There are many ways to do this and what works for one industry or region might not work for another.

Kristen Stirling and Jencie McRobert from RMCG consulted with members of the Australian potato industry to better understand how they want to receive information about new technology and practices, and some of the barriers to improving business performance. Based on the feedback provided, and their experience in the extension of research outcomes across a range of agricultural industries, a strategy was developed to guide delivery of communication and extension activities for the Australian potato industry.

This project was funded by Hort Innovation using the potato research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

To find out more about the strategy please contact Kristen Stirling on 0488 908 416 or you can download a copy here.