11 Jan 2017

Engaging Peri-Urban Landholders in NRM

Stephanie Spry, Shayne Annett and Simon McGuinness

Engaging landholders in natural resource management (NRM) is a challenge in any landscape, however it can be inherently more difficult in peri-urban landscapes. This paper investigates why this is so and proposes practical options for addressing some of these challenges.

We propose that the current approaches used to engage peri-urban landholders in NRM are in many cases based on conventional methods used to engage rural landholders. We found that whilst the principles underpinning this approach are sound, the design and delivery of engagement must be modified to be effective in peri-urban landscapes.

Importantly, such modifications have implications for the planning, management, cost and delivery of peri-urban NRM projects.

Read the full paper here, presented at the International Conference on Peri-Urban Landscapes: Water, Food and Environmental Security proceedings, Sydney (2014).