Zero Waste Event Guide focuses on sustainability

A practical online resource was developed to help event organisers, land managers and patrons eliminate waste and prevent litter at Victorian events of all sizes and types.

Whether it’s a farmer’s market or a multi-day music festival, events of all sizes and types often produce a large amount of litter and waste through disposable cups and plates, bottles, napkins, food, zip ties and other times.

Events are big influencers in changing waste management behaviour. One of the biggest drivers for change in the events sector is a desire to improve the environment. Events also provide a valuable mechanism for engaging and informing the community. Combined, these are strong components for effective action in waste elimination and litter prevention.

To support events during the transition towards a circular economy and to reduce their waste, RMCG worked with the Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group (now Recycling Victoria), supported by Bellarine Catchment Network (BCN), to develop the Zero Waste Event Guide.

The Guide focuses on how event organisers can prevent litter by considering waste generation and behavioural change impacts.

It uses a simple step by step process of best practice and key options to consider in the planning, delivery and evaluation of events to eliminate waste.

It also highlights successful waste management strategies used in case studies of events within the Barwon South West region and provides templates, fact sheets and tools to create a sustainable event.

Collaborative effort

To capture and recognise the region’s existing efforts, knowledge and skills on event waste elimination and litter prevention, the development of the Guide involved extensive consultation via a survey, interviews, case studies and a workshop with event and land managers. This consultation was key to informing the structure and content of the Zero Waste Event Guide.

While developed for the Barwon South West region of Victoria, the Guide can be used for events across the state.

Click here to access the Zero Waste Event Guide and Tool Kit.

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Zero Waste Event Guide


Isabel Axiö

Isabel Axiö

Senior Consultant

B.Env.Mgt. (Sustainable Development)

Isabel has 6 years’ experience in the environmental management sector and her key areas of expertise are in sustainable management of recycled water and organic wastes. Waste is an important and longstanding interest of Isabel’s, especially organic waste avoidance, processing, whole production-line waste minimisation, as well as recycling and product stewardship projects. She wants to link this interest with interdisciplinary environmental projects in climate change mitigation, sustainable natural resource management and agricultural production systems.

Carl Larsen

Carl Larsen


B.Env.Sci., B.Soc.Sci. (Env.), PG.Cert.CCPI.

Carl is a socio-environmental scientist with 15 years’ experience in planning, delivery and evaluation of agriculture and natural resource management programs, integrated water management, climate change and stakeholder engagement. He understands the practical implications of policy and science on communities and agriculture. Carl has worked with a range of government departments, resource management agencies, research and development corporations, private organisations and communities around Australia on catchment management, sustainable water use, resource management in agriculture/horticulture, land use, climate change, strategic planning, industry development, extension and practice change.

Dimi Kyriakou

Dimi Kyriakou

Communications Consultant

B.Comm. (Journalism)

Dimi is RMCG’s first dedicated Communications Consultant with expertise in content and strategy development, editing, website and social media curation, survey design and analysis, desktop publishing, media relations and crisis communications.

Dimi is passionate about delivering clear communications services to Australia’s agricultural, environmental and regional community sectors. She is skilled in communicating complex information in a clear and informative way that is easily understood by the target audience.

Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross


B.Env.Sc., B.Soc.Sc. (Env.), M.App.Sc. (GIS)

Kelly specialises in GIS and spatial data analysis and has a background in environmental science and social science. She has worked in a wide range of fields including land use planning, environment, natural resource and water management, agriculture and regional development.

Kelly has worked on projects ranging from analysing workforce gaps of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in agriculture to conducting a risk assessment to analyse the potential impacts of wastewater spills to the environment. She has strong research and analysis skills and is experienced in map preparation and visualising data in an appealing way that is clear and easy to understand.

Melissa Ludeman

Melissa Ludeman

Senior Consultant

B.Env.Sci. (Hons)

Mel is working primarily in the facilitation and strategy area of the business. She has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability) at Deakin University. Prior to joining RMCG, Mel was employed in conservation projects around Victoria. For her honours project, Mel worked with an Aboriginal Cooperative to evaluate their grassland management strategies in the You Yangs.