Rural Community and Land Use Profiling

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

RMCG was engaged by the Corangamite CMA to conduct a rural community and land use profile. The profile formed part of a longitudinal study of the region’s rural community including demographics, rural production and land use, attitudes to the environment, barriers to natural resource management (NRM)practice change, participation in NRM activities, NRM information sources and awareness and perceptions of the Corangamite CMA. The profile was constructed through the completion of over 600 landholder interviews as well as review of secondary data sources. In addition to the profile, a methodology for program managers to apply the information from the profile to inform strategic program design was also prepared. This method was presented to all Corangamite CMA through a specially designed training program.


Steph Drum

Steph Drum

Senior Consultant

B.Nat.Res. (Hons)

Steph has specific skills and experience in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture, stakeholder and community engagement, policy and strategy development and evaluation. She has broad ranging experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of natural resource management programs. Steph combines her technical NRM knowledge with her expertise in building community capacity to develop tailored approaches to delivering and evaluating both environmental and social outcomes.

Simon McGuinness

Simon McGuinness



Simon specialises in strategic planning, critical thinking, evaluation and facilitation.  He works primarily in the natural resource management sector, and also has deep experience in rural and regional development. With expertise in mediation and conflict resolution, he has led numerous projects requiring skilful delivery of community and stakeholder engagement processes.