Profitable Integration of Cropping and Livestock

Meat and Livestock Australia

As a national project partner, RMCG was engaged by Rural Directions to collect and analyse benchmarking datasets for mixed farming businesses across Southern and Northern Victoria. Working with 20 producers the project aimed to identify the key profit drivers and understand what it takes to run a profitable mixed enterprise operation in each agroecological zone. This was achieved through utilising benchmarking, qualitative surveys and skills assessments.

To extend the project’s findings to the broader industry, a management guideline was developed for each zone to reflect locally relevant issues and opportunities. The guidelines highlighted the four primary profitability drivers of mixed farming businesses:

1. Gross margin optimisation (operational)
2. Developing a low-cost business model (structural)
3. People and management
4. Risk management.

Half-day workshops were held in each zone to explore and discuss results, providing the opportunity for producers to understand their profit drivers from a local perspective.

The guidelines and fact sheets are now available and can be viewed below.


Adrian Kennelly

Adrian Kennelly


B.Ag.Sci. (Hons), M.Ag.Sci., CPAg.

Adrian has more than 30 years’ experience in agricultural business and natural resource management research, policy, education and extension. He is a specialist farm business management adviser, who consults to medium to large-scale private farmers, agribusiness investors, agricultural industry groups and government agencies.

Adrian has specific skills and experience in strategic planning, business analysis, impact and loss assessment, facilitation, and training and education in rural Australia.  Adrian chairs the advisory boards of a number of family farming operations in south-eastern Australia and has undertaken due diligence exercises for several domestic and international investors.

In addition to this, his most recent industry project work includes the development of an Investment Attraction Program for Rural Councils Victoria, an agricultural impact assessment of the Western Highway bypass of Ararat and the development of a business planning program (Our farm, our plan) for the Australian dairy industry.