Land Capability and Market Viability of Irrigated Agriculture with Alternative Water in Melbourne’s West

Western Water

Significant urban growth is expected on the western edge of Melbourne, with corresponding growth in recycled water and stormwater flows. RMCG was engaged by DELWP to identify suitable agricultural land where these alternative water supplies could be used for irrigation. The objective is both sustainable water use and regional development.

Initially a wide net was cast, with review of land capability and water supply sources across a study area encompassing Lancefield in the north, Ballan in the west and Little River in the south. A multi-criteria assessment was developed to narrow the investigations down to two target areas. Then analysis of demand, cost and market viability was undertaken at this more focussed level.


Anna Kelliher

Anna Kelliher

Managing Principal

BA, BE (Hons), GAICD

Anna is an environmental engineer with 20 years’ experience in water and catchment management. She specialises in recycled water planning, irrigation modernisation, land capability assessment, environmental risk assessment and catchment condition reporting. Anna has experience working with industry, government, farmers and the community, and has developed sound teamwork, communication and project management skills.