Improving North Central Soils Data Sets

North Central Catchment Management Authority

North Central CMA engaged RMCG to undertake a review of relevant literature and consult with relevant soil scientists and practitioners to inform the development of a geoscience database for the region. The review considered the most important soil condition or health issues for the main soil types and land uses in the region. This included loss of organic carbon and soil biota, soil structure decline, soil loss through erosion, nutrient imbalances, soil acidification, salinity and sodicity. Based on this review of information we recommended practical indicators and measuring methods to assess and monitor the condition and health of soils in the North Central region over time. This information is stored in a geoscience database so that it is readily accessible to interested parties in the North Central Community.


Jencie McRobert

Jencie McRobert


B.Sci., Grad.Dip.Eco., Assoc.App.Sci.

Jencie understands the science and economics of natural resource management and has grounded and practical experience in soils, mixed farming and viticulture. She has highly developed skills in evaluation of agricultural and natural resource management programs, business case writing, greenhouse emissions analysis and sustainable resource use, and catchment management.  Jencie knows and appreciates the issues affecting communities in rural and regional Australia.