East Grampians Rural Water Supply

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water

RMCG has been engaged to complete an outline design and costing for extending the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline to a 1500km2 study area south of Ararat. The project will involve preparing a pre-feasibility concept design report, sufficiently detailed to identify the capital and recurrent costs associated with options and full delivery of the project.

Phase 1 of the project will include gathering existing site information to determine general requirements of the project including some assessment of future demand and a review of previous demand analysis, identification of geotechnical assumptions and their impact on construction risk. Phase 2 will involve preparation of a preliminary design and cost estimate of construction.


Duncan Wallis

Duncan Wallis


BEng (Ag), MEng (Env), CPEng.

Duncan is a Chartered Engineer with 25 years’ experience in environmental, irrigation, agricultural, drinking water, domestic wastewater, sewerage, trade waste, recycled water and catchment management engineering in the public and private sectors.

He specialises in water related infrastructure planning and investigations and uses skills and tools such as GIS mapping, spatial data analysis and network analysis to develop practical solutions to complex problems and uses the ‘power’ of spatial data analysis to convey information effectively.

He can communicate technical concepts in non-technical forums and has experience consulting and working with farmers and landholders, government departments and wider community on route planning for pipelines and shared trails including rail trails. He has recently prepared successful EPA works approval applications for major food processing companies and expert witness statements in agricultural settings.

Duncan is currently involved in Australian Water and Wastewater’s mentor program and reviews articles for their Water Journal. He previously helped run the Institute of Engineers’ EngQuest regional program for students.