Tasmanian Beef Pasture Feedbase Survey

Tasmanian Beef Industry (R&D) Trust



RMCG was recently engaged by the Tasmanian Beef Industry (R&D) Trust to conduct a survey of Tasmanian beef producer’s pasture production and management practices. The purpose of the research was to provide researchers and the broader industry with insights to guide future investment.

The specific objectives were to:

  • Obtain a current and systematic understanding of pasture management practices, decision-making, and the adoption of R&D outputs and new technologies
  • To describe the spectrum of pasture management practices and associated challenges, including the opinions of producers managing grazing systems
  • To understand the potential barriers to adoption of new pasture technologies and recommended practices within the Tasmanian beef industry
  • To understand the needs and priorities of producers, and how these fit with the AgriVision plan to increase productivity of the sector.

The consultation consisted of 35 producers, which included 9 interviews with questions based on qualitative principles, and 26 online surveys based on quantitative principles.

The key findings highlighted that many producers use intuitive or ‘gut-feel’ measurements to guide their pasture management, from grazing, to irrigation and nutrition. Pasture renovation was also limited on an area basis, with many producers opting to use grazing management and nutrition to improve species composition of existing pastures.

This project improved the understanding of pasture management in the Tasmanian beef industry and provided recommendations to guide future research, development and extension. The final report is now available, and can be accessed here