Bacchus Marsh Integrated Water Management Plan

Western Water

RMCG joined with KBR to assist Western Water with the development of the Bacchus Marsh Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP). The IWMP sought to achieve cost effective EPA compliance of recycled water, deliver value to the region (including productivity, liveability and waterway health) and optimise water and sewage infrastructure investments as they relate to alternative water supplies.

The approach taken was to define the scope of the problem and the criteria for success or desired end state, review the current situation and understand the background, identify improvements or solutions and verify that the ideas raised will bring success.

A IWMP was developed, which outlined the methodology, assumptions, options considered, an economic assessment, outcomes and a recommended option.


Anna Kelliher

Anna Kelliher

Managing Principal

BA, BE (Hons), GAICD

Anna is an environmental engineer with 20 years’ experience in water and catchment management. She specialises in recycled water planning, irrigation modernisation, land capability assessment, environmental risk assessment and catchment condition reporting. Anna has experience working with industry, government, farmers and the community, and has developed sound teamwork, communication and project management skills.