22 Feb 2021

Carbon neutral farming learnings to be shared at field day and forum

Tasmanian farmers are invited to learn from their peers and capitalise on the state’s unique potential to become carbon neutral at two events to be held on 25 February 2021.

The events are part of the Carbon Neutral Project which is funded by the National Landcare Program and delivered through Tamar NRM. The project focuses on how to measure and change management practices to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of agricultural systems in northern Tasmania.

The Tamar NRM Carbon Forum will present the findings from five carbon farming audits and the practices that have been taken to reduce emissions. The evening’s keynote speaker Richard Eckard, Professor of Livestock Production Systems and Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre at the University of Melbourne, will present a national perspective. Special guests from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, soil carbon accreditation companies and other industry experts will feature in a Q&A panel discussion and answer any specific questions from the audience following the forum.

The field day will showcase the early stages of the Notley Valley Farm approach in setting up a carbon negative operation to offset emissions of another company. The farm is designed to be profitable and financially and climatically resilient and focuses on agroforestry, biodiversity conservation and grazing.

vines, grasin field, dam


Farmers will also be able to access case studies which have been developed as part of the Carbon Neutral Project. The case studies capture on-and-off farm benefits from carbon neutral farming such as cost savings, increased efficiencies, marketing edge and numerous environmental benefits.

“The project has audited five Tamar Valley farms including grazing, dairy and winery operations. It aims to show that Tasmanian farmers have a greater opportunity than most mainland states to become carbon neutral, and we think that’s what we are seeing at our field days,” project coordinator Greg Lundstrom said.

“The project also has partnered with other GHG focussed projects in Tasmania that collectively bring together a wealth of information for producers to tap into.”

RM Consulting Group (RMCG) is engaged to conduct the farm GHG audits and emissions accounting. Senior Consultant Isabel Axiö will present on the project learnings, findings and recommendations.

“Using the publicly available GHG emission calculators, we have been able to provide benchmarks for participating farms. But the project has morphed in response to what we have found and we have tried to capture and quantify, where possible, the emissions reductions of these operations,” Isabel said.

“For people attending the field day and forum, the details of the farmers’ thinking, trials, successes and mistakes will be inspiring and helpful for those interested in resilient, cost-effective and climate friendly changes.”

The field day will be held from 13.30-16.00 at Notley Valley Farm and the Carbon Forum from 17.30-20.30 at Moores Hill Estate Winery on 25 February 2021.

If you would like to register for one or both events, please visit the Tamar NRM website or phone Greg Lundstrom on 0438 642 112.