13 Jun 2019

Award winning community-led approach to invasive pest management

RMCG congratulates the Victorian Rabbit Action Network (VRAN) on being awarded the distinguished United Nations Public Service Award for ‘Delivering inclusive and equitable services to leave no one behind’.

Through genuine collaboration between the community and government agencies over the past four years, the VRAN initiative has worked to increase communication and facilitate information exchange on the integrated management of rabbits. Covering 2.4 million hectares of land, the project has increased community capacity through a coordinated approach, developed networks for learning, and funded local-level innovation and action.

RMCG was pleased to support VRAN by developing its strategic plan in 2018.  This work was preceded by our earlier involvement in a systems mapping exercise of rabbit management in Victoria.

The award was internationally competitive, with contenders from Western Europe, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada.

For more information on the VRAN initiative, head to their website here. To read more about the United Nations Public Service Awards, click here.