Tas Farming Futures: Reducing land sector emissions and effecting the Carbon Farming Initiative in Tasmania

Department of Agriculture (Cth)

RMCG teamed up with NRM North, NRM South and agronomy provider Serve-Ag to deliver the three-year project, ‘Reducing land sector emissions and effecting the Carbon Farming Initiative in Tasmania’. This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, as part of its Extension and Outreach program. It ran until April 2016.

Our project team was available to support farmers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in areas such as soil management, water and energy use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, livestock nutrition and optimising feed quality. Extension officers were located in each region and are available to provide one-on-one support for farmers and/or to coordinate group events.

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Dr Doris Blaesing

Dr Doris Blaesing


Dipl.Ing.Agr., Dr.rer.hort.

Doris has extensive experience in agricultural business development, resource management and R&D. She has a good understanding of agricultural production systems and supply chains. Her strengths are strategy and concept development, innovative thinking, problem solving, multi-disciplinary project management and communication on all levels with a broad range of people. Doris worked in public and private research, education, export and agribusinesses.

Donna Lucas

Donna Lucas

Senior Consultant

B.App.Sci. (Hons)

Donna is an agricultural consultant with experience in research, extension, farm business management and evaluation. She enjoys working with groups or individual businesses to solve problems, support decision-making and put research into practice. Donna has worked in accounting and has strong analytical and project management skills. She is also actively involved in The Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN).

Emma Egan

Emma Egan


Adv.Dip.Ag., Dip.Crop Agronomy

Emma is an agricultural consultant with experience in research, red meat production, farm business management, and extension. Prior to commencing at RMCG, she studied both crop agronomy and farm business management, with a strong interest in data compliance and management. Currently, Emma is actively involved as the Industry Development Officer for VegNET Tasmania.