Rural land use policy and planning

Effective work in rural land use policy and planning requires skills and experience to bring knowledge of planning systems together with outcomes-focussed strategy.

With over 25 years working in rural communities we understand the land use challenges, issues and opportunities. We understand that rural land use issues can be contentious and we have skills and experience in managing the different interests and needs that can arise. We often work directly with stakeholders, using interviews or focus groups, to build both our understanding of needs and their confidence in the process.

Our approach is based on working with our clients to understand the ultimate objectives being sought for a community. We are then able to use our experience, skills and knowledge to identify how best to use the tools available to achieve those objectives. These tools include planning system provisions, policies and community engagement.


Shelley McGuinness

Shelley McGuinness

Senior Consultant

B.Ag.Sci. (Hons)

Shelley has strongly developed strategic planning skills and an ability to develop and apply logical methodologies to complex problems resulting in workable, robust strategies and policy solutions. With over 25 years’ experience she has an in-depth understanding of rural communities, industries, environments and natural resources, their inter-relationships and inter-dependencies. Her skills and experience have been applied to rural and regional strategic land use planning, agricultural industry analysis, assessment of land capability and suitability, land use conflict and environmental planning.

Jencie McRobert

Jencie McRobert


B.Sci., Grad.Dip.Eco., Assoc.App.Sci.

Jencie understands the science and economics of natural resource management and has grounded and practical experience in soils, mixed farming and viticulture. She has highly developed skills in evaluation of agricultural and natural resource management programs, business case writing, greenhouse emissions analysis and sustainable resource use, and catchment management.  Jencie knows and appreciates the issues affecting communities in rural and regional Australia.