Integrated Crop Protection: An extension project to help vegetable growers protect crops

Horticulture Innovation Australia

The Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) extension project, delivered by RMCG, AHR and IPM Technologies, aims to promote best management practices for plant health in the Australian vegetable industry, including responsible chemical use. Protecting crops is vital for vegetable producers to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability. However practices, capabilities and attitudes differ throughout the country. The project is continuing to work with growers, advisors and other industry service providers to tailor solutions that suit their circumstances.

Project activities have included, establishing demonstration sites, linking with grower groups, running Master Classes and networking opportunities, conducting training and events, producing publications and videos and initiating online communications and knowledge management.

These activities will be adjusted and refined on an annual basis to ensure the needs of growers and the industry continue to be met. This will enable the Australian vegetable industry to respond to the current and future crop protection challenges and opportunities.


Dr Anne-Maree Boland

Dr Anne-Maree Boland

Managing Principal

PhD., B.Ag.Sci.

Anne-Maree has 25 years’ experience in dealing with natural resource and water management in agricultural industries. This has included research and development and consulting in the areas of sustainable management practices, water use efficiency, recycled water and environmental management systems. Anne-Maree has been a Non-Executive Director for GWRDC and IAL, is a Churchill Fellow and recipient of the University of Melbourne Chancellors Prize. She has extensive experience as a knowledge broker and establishing partnerships with diverse stakeholder groups including government, water and agricultural industries.

Dr Doris Blaesing

Dr Doris Blaesing


Dipl.Ing.Agr., Dr.rer.hort.

Doris has extensive experience in agricultural business development, resource management and R&D. She has a good understanding of agricultural production systems and supply chains. Her strengths are strategy and concept development, innovative thinking, problem solving, multi-disciplinary project management and communication on all levels with a broad range of people. Doris worked in public and private research, education, export and agribusinesses.

Carl Larsen

Carl Larsen

Senior Consultant

B.Env.Sci., B.Soc.Sci. (Env.), PG.Cert.CCPI.

Carl is a socio-environmental scientist with skills in planning, delivery and evaluation of agriculture and natural resource management programs, integrated water management, climate change and stakeholder engagement. He has an understanding of the practical implications of policy and science on communities and agriculture. Carl has worked with a range of government departments, resource management agencies, private organisations and communities around Australia on catchment management, sustainable water use, resource management in agriculture/horticulture, land use, climate change, strategic planning, and extension and practice change.