Evaluation of the Land Health Project 2013-2017

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (VIC)

The Land Health Project (LHP) aims to address the declining condition of the health of agricultural land by targeting dryland farmers across Victoria to manage the resource base to support increased productivity potential and reduce the impacts of dryland salinity and soil degradation on priority natural assets.

The main evaluation methods were desktop review, online survey and interviews, both phone and in-person. Over 150 stakeholders were consulted and included state government staff, Catchment Management Authorities, service providers and dryland farmers.

The outcome of the project was a better understanding of the projects achievements as well as a suite of recommendations to inform the next phase. These findings were presented to an executive leadership group to improve ownership and maximise strategic effectiveness.


Shayne Annett

Shayne Annett


B.Ag.Sci., M.Res.Admin. (NRM)

Shayne has over 25 years working in land, water and biodiversity management, and during that time has developed the ability to see things from many perspectives, to anticipate issues that might arise and to draw on his experience to develop pragmatic and progressive solutions. He understands on-ground work, private and public land management, planning and managing programs and projects, and policy at local, state and national levels.

Simon McGuinness

Simon McGuinness



Simon specialises in strategic planning, critical thinking, evaluation and facilitation.  He works primarily in the natural resource management sector, and also has deep experience in rural and regional development. With expertise in mediation and conflict resolution, he has led numerous projects requiring skilful delivery of community and stakeholder engagement processes.

Carl Larsen

Carl Larsen

Senior Consultant

B.Env.Sci., B.Soc.Sci. (Env.), PG.Cert.CCPI.

Carl is a socio-environmental scientist with skills in planning, delivery and evaluation of agriculture and natural resource management programs, integrated water management, climate change and stakeholder engagement. He has an understanding of the practical implications of policy and science on communities and agriculture. Carl has worked with a range of government departments, resource management agencies, private organisations and communities around Australia on catchment management, sustainable water use, resource management in agriculture/horticulture, land use, climate change, strategic planning, and extension and practice change.